About Cross-Cultural Solutions’ Efforts in Guatemala

A respected voice in hematology and oncology with more than 30 years of experience as a physician, Kenneth D. Nahum, DO, has served as a hematologist and oncologist with Regional Cancer Care Associates, LLC, for the past six years. A committed medical volunteer, Dr. Kenneth D. Nahum has served abroad in Guatemala in partnership with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS).

The Tecpan area of Guatemala is comprised of families spanning multiple generations who speak Spanish, as well as their own native tongue. It is a region steeped in poverty and desperately lacking in vital health resources. CCS helps provide basic care to Tecpan children through school-based interventions in vision care, dental health, and basic sanitation needs for these facilities.

With the help of volunteer health care workers, CCS’s eye care clinics are able to provide eye exams and give free glasses to children who need help with their eyesight. Poor diet and hygiene habits can cause dental issues as well, so the organization provides clinical support to deal with issues as they arise and educational initiatives to help the children learn to care for their teeth better.

Volunteers with the organization also help improve sanitary conditions in very practical ways, such as by building hand-washing stations in schools. They also help educate the community about how to stop illnesses from spreading through proper hygiene.